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01-24-2024 - Safety Check Day on Saturday, 1/27

Hi All!

Safety Check Day at the Hut is penciled in for this Saturday, 1/27 from 11-2.

We will confirm by Friday. We are watching the potential rain coming. It seems like we'll do ok but check back Friday for confirmation. (P.S. it snowed Tuesday overnight and is still snowing Wednesday morning, yay!).

Also, it is "Ride 4 $25" weekend. You can ride Vermont trails for $25.

Safety Check Day will have free hot dogs, free hot cocoa and you can get your safety sticker so that it is much easier if you encounter future safety checks on the trail. Most times, they will just wave you through if you have a sticker.

Click on the link below for more info.

Think snow!

~Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

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