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01-16-2024 - Trail Report

Great day! North Hill got its first grooming of this season thanks to the fabulous team of Bernie and Mike. Thanks, guys! North Hill entails Corridors 127A, 127B, 127C, Corridor 127 by Highland Views down to car route 103, the lake access trail (127AF1) and the Calcutta trail. Some fresh snow added to the treat. Guessing we have about 5'ish new inches of snow on top of the base we had. Snow seems to be wrapping up now around 7:00PM as it has trickled to just flurries. Trails on North Hill are in decent shape with early season conditions. You'll have to watch for the usual hazards such as rocks, ice, running water, etc. We still need more snow but it's definitely a good start! Trail to Calcutta has running water on the bottom and there are a couple of tricky spots but it was groomed as well. Calcutta's is open for restaurant and gas. It's the only stop in Ludlow right now.

The "Darcy trail", the feeder trail off of 127A into town (car route 103), remains closed. Restaurants down that way will not be opening this season.

Okemo side (Corridor 127) remains ungroomed. It can have a few more hazards than the North Hill side. Ride with caution. The floods damaged that area more than the others and volunteers made it passable, but not perfect. We will do more work over there in the summer.

Goal is to have Okemo side groomed by the weekend. Will keep you posted!

Be safe!

Pic of yesterday's sunrise at the Warming Hut was sent to us by Joe LaSala. Thanks, Joe! Beautiful! Other pic is trail 127A today.

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