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Let's Have Some Fun

A little background...As some of you may have heard, Tina, one of the officers of our club, is fighting leukemia. Her Croncher family wanted to do something for her and secretly started up with the idea of a "Toss 4 Tina" fundraiser. A great sign was created and donated by a groomer operator from the Frigid Frost Fighters/Upper Valley Snow Packers club (see above) and the "Ring Swing" game was donated by JD55 aka Jack's Drive 55 (thanks!). When we approached the idea of "Toss 4 Tina" to Tina, she was greatly humbled and honored but felt like the $ could go elsewhere since she would be ok, she was lucky to have great insurance. We all agreed that what is needed is some fun and sharing of good times and seeing some friends (new and old) and honoring our tradition of supporting our community, before Tina embarks on the difficult treatments ahead. Proceeds will benefit the Ludlow Fire Department.

When? Where?

Saturday, March 19, 2022, 11AM-1PM

The Ludlow Side Hill Croncher's Warming Hut (intersection trails 127A&127B at WR41)

Or drive to 489 N Hill Cross Rd, Ludlow, VT and go up to the Hut.

Here's What We're Gonna Do

We're going to play "Ring Swing" where you swing a ring on a string onto a hook pendulum style. It's a lot of fun for the whole family. You get 4 tosses for $4 (as in Toss 4 Tina). Each successful toss that gets hooked will be put into  raffle for a FREE 2022 or 2023 TMA (up to you). Oh, did we mention we will be serving FREE hot dogs!

This is the Game

We're going to set up this enthralling contraption on the side of the Warming Hut. It may look simple but we dare you to get hooked.

Plus 50/50 Raffle!

Tickets will be $1 each or 6 tickets for $5

Free Hot Dogs

While supplies last

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