Notes on TMAs:

After Dec 15th we will have full-price TMAs and 3-day TMAs


  • You need 1 TMA per sled.

  • On or before Dec 15th - First 2 are EB (early Bird) others can be FAM (Family) if registered to same last name/address.

  • After Dec 15th EB and FAM are not available and full price TMAs will be offered.

  • TMA prices include Club & County Membership fees and credit card processing charge.

Regular Season TMA for sleds registered out-of-state (not registered in Vermont)

Price includes $190 TMA $15 SHC Dues + $11 County Dues + $4 Credit Card charge.

Regular Season TMA - Registered Out of State (includes Membership)

  • Available starting December 16, 2019.

    Price includes $190 TMA + $15 SHC Dues + $11 County Dues + $4 Credit Card charge.

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