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12/22/2020-Trail Report

All trails are groomed between yesterday afternoon and early today. Thank you, Bernie, Andrew and Bill! They really are putting in a lot of hours for us smoothing out all this snow. It was no easy feat. Yesterday North Hill was done and today the Okemo side was done. It has been lightly snowing all day for ambience. The snow is getting more 'packing' now and isn't as fluffy as it was the prior few days. For early season, the trails are in nice shape, but please continue to be careful out there. Even though there is a lot of snow, after it packs down it isn't as much as you think since there was no base to start with. There are still water bars and rocks and hazards that can sneak up on you. Get your riding in before the rain on Thursday! Should be a good time out there. Feedback we've been getting leads us to believe a good time is being had by a lot of you. That's what it is all about! THINK SNOW & COLD since Thursday/Friday heavy rain could really be damaging to the great base we have started. We just have to get it cold enough....then imagine the possibilities :)

Reminder: Warming Hut is temporarily closed until further notice.

Also note that the Ludlow Country Store Deli is not open. No gas or food there.

Thank you for staying on the trails.


This is a trail on North Hill yesterday late afternoon.

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