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10-04-2022-$25 Weekend

These words were copy/pasted from the Windsor County Facebook page post by Patty Companik. The bold is from VAST.

Ride For $25 Weekend JANUARY 27, 28 & 29.

(this replaces the free weekend option)

Riders may purchase the $25 weekend pass using the normal 3-Day purchase link available after Dec. 1.

When they choose Jan 27 as their start date, the $25 price will automatically apply.

100% of the $25 is going to the clubs to help with grooming and trail maintenance.

It is also very important for insurance that VAST collects everyone's information and signature just like we do for all other TMA holders.

This was a way to make sure our insurance holds up and folks are riding legally in VT, as well as garner more revenue for the clubs that get hit so hard that weekend every year.

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