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1/17/2022 - Trail Report (Yep, We're Open!)

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. Yes! Trails in Ludlow are open!

Ride super carefully as trails are ungroomed and anything can be out there such as downed trees, rocks and other hazards. The base could be icy. Cover is thin. Early season riding. We have approximately 8" of snow and still counting. Ride slowly. Until grooming happens, only experienced riders should be out since it probably easy to get you or your sled hurt. Grooming will start tomorrow (Tuesday) and be done over the next couple of days. If you are out today, we would appreciate it if you report to us if see any trees down. Please check with other neighboring clubs to see if they are open as well before proceeding out of Ludlow. Have fun! Be safe!

P.S. Remember there is a reroute on 127 in South Hill. Follow trail signs.

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