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1/12/2022 - Trail Scoop (updated 1/18 Calcutta Trail is Open!)

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

First off, we want to thank the members who joined our club this year and thank the volunteers for all of their help. We have seen a lot of familiar faces and met a lot of new faces and together we got the trails in shape for the season.

Got 3 trail scoop items for you WHEN THE TRAILS OPEN -

1) There is a small reroute on South Hill to get around a trail closure on 127 between South Hill Cross Rd and South Hill. Follow signs carefully. GPS was not updated yet. We cannot afford to lose this trail -- PLEASE-NO LOUD PIPES. Loud pipes are one of the major reasons trails close.

2) Fox Run Golf Course is working on a new trail to its Calcutta’s restaurant and will welcome snowmobilers (we hear it is almost ready, maybe check with Calcutta's before heading down there). At some point they hope to offer gas and sled storage. Trail will start off of 127A near WR84 (off of the trail that goes to Pinnacle Rock). There will be 91 octane non ethanol gas and sled storage.

UPDATE 1/18/2022 PM -- CALCUTTA TRAIL IS OPEN! You may have heard that the new trail was closed. After more input, the trail to Fox Run/Calcutta's is open. Sorry for any confusion!

3) The Warming Hut with its new Croncher Blue color will be open this season. Drop on in and build a fire and warm up. A porta potty is there as well.

Many thanks to the landowners that give us permission to ride these and other trails and use the Hut.


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😃 Where is the 1/12 Trail Scoop picture taken from? Very optimistic & promising!

Jan 14, 2022
Replying to

Hi Rick! It's an old picture but I believe it is Dam 5 on West Hill also known as the 'bowls'. Really has nothing to do with the news report except to show a nice trail :)

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