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03-23-2024 - Trails Opening

Getting a dumper of snow in Ludlow, VT! As of about 1:30PM, Saturday, 3/23, we have about 14" of snow and it's still coming down hard so the count will definitely get higher. Gates are in process of opening right now but it may take a little while. Riding is recommended for the more adventurous, experienced riders as the snow is deep and there is no grooming for the most part. There will be some grooming on North Hill (127A/127B) on Sunday as we are moving our groomer. This snow is coming down on top of bare dirt, mud and rocks (no base). We haven't inspected the trails, but there could very well be downed trees and water bars and big plow piles at road crossings. The water bars could be pretty deep on Okemo side (127). If you do go out, be prepared with perhaps a shovel and a chain saw. Also, before you go out, be aware of the status of neighboring club trails. Be safe and enjoy!

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