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03-15-2023-Trail Report PM Edition

North Hill side (127A, 127B) was groomed by Bernie and Kevin this afternoon/evening (thanks, guys!) including the Golf course (Calcutta) trail. Highland Views and the East Lake Rd access trail were not done but will hopefully get done tomorrow. Trails packed nicely. It's cooling off now so they will set up well. There is a lot of snow. It's still definitely possible to get stuck even on the groomed trails if you get pulled into the edges where it's deep. Weather is on the warm side so water is still running and water bars exist. Tomorrow we will clean up the downed tree near the water treatment plant in town. Also, if it is warm, the feeder trail down to town/food can get a bit swampy at the bottom near Subway and have a water hazard. The groomer will not go down the feeder trail until it is colder. Okemo side (127) is next on the list to get groomed. Right now Okemo side is still not touched since the storm and it is very easy to get stuck there, bring a shovel. Please report to us any issues you may see over there. Trying to get all the grooming done before it gets too warm. Will keep you posted. Be careful and enjoy!

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