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03-15-2023-Trail Report

Ummm, so 12+6+4, carry the 6=uh, a lot of snow! Still snowing and not sure how much we've got but it's at least 2+ feet and still counting. Okemo reported 31" this morning. Grooming will start up soon, just need to get ourselves and plowing customers dug out.... will keep you posted as soon as possible as there is no power either lol. It will take a little while but we're aiming to get the trails in good shape for ya! In the meanwhile, it's deep. Be careful for downed trees and it's easy to get stuck while it is all fresh. There is one known downed tree at the water treatment plant in town on 127. It's the back country experience right now. If you are out there and see branches and/or trees, it would be helpful if you try to clear them or at least let us know where they are. Thank you!

Big shoutout to the linemen out there taking care of us all!

Thanks, Joe, for the picture of your yard in Ludlow.

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