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01-23-2023-Trail Report-OPEN!

Looks like we got about a foot of snow, give or take. Yippee! So with that, we are opening trails as "yellow" but be super careful out there. Ride slowly and expect the unexpected. Grooming will take a few days so there's a good chance you will encounter ungroomed trails, hidden rocks, fallen trees and water bars. Some water bars may be quite large (large enough to swallow you and your sled), especially on the Okemo side (127). The water is running and not frozen yet. Maybe the colder nights in the upcoming days will help freeze it up. We'll see. In the meanwhile, you can help us be the eyes on the trail by reporting any downed trees, etc. and removing branches when it's safe to do so. We will update you as trails get groomed. Keep thinking snow! Maybe more snow on Wednesday!

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