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01-14-2024 - Bridge Day!

Big kudos to the volunteers of Bridge 4! Excellent team work and camaraderie got it done, starting with the prep work during the week. Not only was Bridge 4 on Corridor 127 near car Route 100 finished and made safe once again, the trail across the street had its washout smoothed out. Special shoutout to the Haynes family, very generous club members, for use of their excavator and to Benny's for towing it for us, sometimes on short notice. Without you guys, a lot of the work the past few weeks would not have been possible. Some flurries are coming down right now for the sugar on top.

All of our bridges are now open. Same info goes as in yesterday's trail report. Trails remain ungroomed for now. Will keep you posted. If you do go out, please keep us posted on any issues you see. This is a team sport. Our small group of volunteers need and appreciate extra eyes on the trail. Be safe!

5PM Update from James Huffman on the Calcutta trail off of 127A.. "It has some water bars out of Fox Run. Once on top it will be pretty good after a grooming. I ran into some guys who said they cleared a downed tree. Otherwise, pretty good for early season." Thank you James and to the crew who cleared the tree! Please note that Calcutta's is the only restaurant accessible by trail this season in Ludlow. They sell gas as well.

Pics of the Trail Work day...

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